Carpet Cleaning In Residential Property

A complete five bed house carpet clean done today in Surrey. This job required extensive pre treatments including Traffic lane pre-spraying and stain removal sprays. Traffic lane is a solvent based detergent used to break down heavy soiled areas of carpet. 

Follow up extraction cleaning using a twin vacc 500 psi machine with crystal green alkaline machine detergent. Also Cleansan was used in the machine for sanitising the carpets to remove baccteria.

Extensive spot cleaning was required for difficult stains that could not be removed by machine chemicals or pre-spraying. Stain pro - protein based spotter for food/blood/sick/tea/coffee etc. Citrus gel - solvent paste spotter for Oil/Tar/Grease/Makeup etc. Browning prescription - acidic based spotter for Tea/Coffee/urine etc.

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